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Throwback Episode: Black on White on Fire – August 11, 1965

Some family issues came up this weekend, preventing us from recording. So we’re revisiting one of our favorites from Season 3, Black on White on Fire.

We often talk on this show about Quantum Leap episodes that haven’t aged well, especially with our more socially-conscious 2018 sensibilities. Here’s one that is – all too unfortunately – very timely. It almost feels like it could have been written today.

Sam leaps into Ray Harper, a young black medical student living in Watts, Los Angeles on August 11, 1965 – the day the Watts Riots begin. As Ray, Sam must help provide medical care to Watts citizens affected by the riots while trying to keep his white fiancée, Kim, safe. He also has to deal with Ray’s militant brother, Lonnie, who wants Ray to abandon his plans of leaving Watts with Kim for a medical internship in Boston, stay in Watts and help his own people.

L.A. actor, LaMont Anthony Hendrix joins us to discuss the episode – his first episode of QL ever.


The Wrong Stuff – January 24, 1961

Sam’s a chimponaut!

Sam leaps into Bobo, a chimpanzee in the early days of the space program. Sam was to prevent the disappearance (and later, the unnecessary death) of Bobo, and another chimp named Cory.

Sam Fain and Dennis discuss an episode that at first glance seems gimmicky and just an excuse to put Scott Bakula in a diaper, but ultimately has a lot of heart and a great message.

Raped – June 20, 1980

CW for this episode: Frank discussion about rape, victim-blaming, and victim-shaming

Sam leaps into a Katie McBain, a rape victim, as she is in the hospital after her attack. As Katie, Sam pursues charges and a trial against the man who assaulted her, in a community that does not want to believe her.

Given the subject matter of this particular episode, we’d like to provide the following resource for any listener who might need it: RAINN, the United State’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

Sam and Dennis are joined by returning guest, Claire Feeney, to discuss the episode – what works looking at the episode from a 2019 lens (not much), and what doesn’t (oh, so much.) Claire is a member of the Chicago-based band, Claire and the Bears. Learn more about them at their website, and if you’re so inclined, contribute to the making of their first album.