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Shock Theater – October 3, 1954

When Sam leaps into a mental institution and receives electroshock therapy moments after arriving, he is – as Al puts it – pushed over the line, and begins to take on the personalities of some of his previous leapees. If that isn’t disturbing enough, Sam’s mental state is making it difficult for Project Quantum Leap to maintain contact. If Sam doesn’t get his own personality back, they will lose contact forever.

Sam and Dennis discuss the episode.

Nuclear Family – October 26th, 1962

Sam leaps into Eddie Elroy, a college student who finds himself in the family business of selling bomb shelters, on the eve of the Cuban Missile Crisis. As Eddie, Sam must prevent the murder of a neighbor who tries to enter the Elroy’s shelter during a false scare.

Heart of a Champion – July 23, 1955

Sam leaps into Terry Sammis, a.k.a. Nikolai Russkie, one-half of the tag team wresting duo The Battling Russkies. Shortly after Sam arrives, the duo get a shot for the title in a championship match. In the original history, Terry’s brother, Ronnie, die from cardiac arrest during the match. Sam must find a way to keep Ronnie from wrestling.

Sam Fain and Dennis are joined by professional wrestler, Leva Bates, or as she has been previously known as during her time with the WWE, Blue Pants. They discuss the episode, and go on some fun tangents about the professional wrestling world. We had a blast recording this. Hope you enjoy!

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Last Dance Before an Execution – May 12, 1971

Sam leaps into Jesus Ortega…just as he is being strapped into an electric chair and being told by a guard to “think of some place far away.” He receives a last-minute reprieve the governor, and 48 hours to prove Jesus’ innocence.

Sam Fain and Dennis discuss the episode.

A Hunting We Will Go – June 18, 1976

Sam leaps into Gordon O’Reilly, a bounty hunter taking his latest catch, Diane Frost, to justice. Diane has been accused of forging $1 million worth of checks from her boss. She confesses to doing it, but swears she did it for a good cause: Her boss had swindled the money from elderly people, including her own mom, and she was just trying to return the money to them.

In the original history, Gordon was supposedly killed by Diane, and then Diane was killed while trying to escape. This is one of those episodes where Sam and the other’s fate keeps fluctuating as history changes.

Sam Fain and Dennis discuss this largely comedic episode, Al’s past wives and his “5 Stages of Love”, and of course, go on their usual pop culture tangents.