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Glitter Rock – April 12, 1974

Sam leaps into Jeffrey “Tonic” Mole, lead singer of the KISS-esque 70s band, King Thunder. In the original history, Tonic was originally killed by someone in the crowd as he was leaving after a concert in Detroit. Sam must figure out who is going to kill Tonic, and suspects abound! In the meantime, Sam gets to rock out with “Hot Spot”, “Rock the Red Head”, and of course, our namesake, “Fate’s Wide Wheel”.

Sam and Dennis discuss the episode, and all its weaknesses when you take all the great music out. We also talk about John Lennon’s assassination in 1980, and how the episode uses and possibly misuses that real life event.


Southern Comforts – August 4, 1961

Sam leaps into Gilbert LaBonte, the owner of a New Orleans bordello (AKA “The LaBonte Quilting and Sewing Academy”.) As LaBonte, Sam must prevent the disappearance and eventual murder of Gina, one of the women in the house. Ziggy says that whatever happened to her, it started at the bordello on this night.

Piano Man – November 10, 1985

Sam is Chuck Danner, lounge lizard extraordinaire. As Chuck, Sam is reunited with his ex, Lorraine, who’s life he disappeared from three years ago for mysterious reasons. Sam must…oh, come on! We’re all here for “Somewhere in the Night”, right???

Sam and Dennis discuss the episode, and try out a new, streamlined format. Let us know what you think!

Revisiting Honeymoon Express – April 27, 1960

Sam and Dennis are still on break, but here’s one from the archives, talking about the Season 2 premiere, “Honeymoon Express”. We’ll be back next week with a new episode, talking about Season 3’s “Piano Man”.


Sam is Tom McBride, a New York police detective, starting his honeymoon with his new bride on the way to Niagra Falls. Sam must prevent her possessive ex-husband from kidnapping her, and murdering him. Meanwhile in the future, Al must appear before a senate committee to argue for continued funding to Project Quantum Leap.

Sam and Dennis are joined by guest Betsy Frymire to discuss the second season premiere.

We frequently use these references: Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap, available at